My Very Own ‘Grad School Uncovered’

When I started Grad School Uncovered, I had a lot of questions about the graduate school experience. Predominantly, I wanted to know how people decide what and where they want to study, what the experience is actually like, and how people actually do it and survive!

A little over a year after starting this project, I’ve heard a lot of different stories about graduate school experiences in student affairs, and I’ve heard a lot of different perspectives on graduate studies (those stories will make it to the blog soon, I promise!).

Now it’s time to tell my own story.

Tomorrow, I’m starting my Master of Education in Educational Technology at UVic. I’m excited, scared, nervous and excited some more. From the minute I read about this program, it just felt right. Learning more about education in general fits with how I see myself as a student affairs professional. The idea of learning about educational technology fits with the interest I have always had in online learning and with my current work developing an online pre-arrival program. Courses talk about social media, learning design, developing and implementing curriculum, research, and more- all things I have an interest in. Just writing this is making me excited all over again.

Tomorrow, the program begins. And we start by taking two courses in a three week time span (starting to see where the scared feeling comes in?). I’m still working, although limited hours (there’s only so much time in day!). I have the advice and support of almost a dozen student affairs professionals who have been here before to help me through, and I’m sure it will be a time full of learning- and I don’t mean just the course material!

My goal with the blog series was to shed a light on the grad school experience of student affairs professionals who are also still working full-time. Over the next three weeks, I’m hoping to share my grad school experience day by day, from what I’m learning and exploring and excited about, to what I’m struggling with, wish I’d known, or regret. My goal is to write a little bit every day in a daily online journaling format (or at least as ‘daily’ as possible- again, there’s only so much time in a day!). Follow along!

Feature image by Jasmine Coro on Unsplash

Nicole Crozier

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