In the Interest of Full Disclosure (Kind of)

Alright, let’s get serious here.

So far this month, I’ve told you about a few different ways I’m trying to shape 2014 to be an amazing year- through 365 days of writing, 52 weeks of reading and new experiences, 12 months of habit changing, and a year of ACTION. These techniques are all working wonders, I swear.

But come on. I’m a goal-setter, and I have things I want to accomplish this year. And I’d feel like a liar if I don’t also share those with you.

I don’t often share my goals with other people (in direct contrast to the philosophy that it helps), but this year, I’m sharing my full list with a small group of people who I know believe in me, will push me to my limits, and who will be on my case if I hold back. I’m also sharing a partial list with you (that’s the ‘kind of’ in the title). This is a little bit terrifying for me, because I’m setting myself up to be called out for failure, but hey, if I’m trying to be more vulnerable, there’s no better place to start than here.


Overview: Put words down on paper. Figure out what those thoughts actually mean. Learn to better explain ideas. Develop a writing style I’m comfortable with. Produce content at a faster pace.

Tangibles: Write for 15 minutes (minimum) every day. Blog regularly- one post per week for me, one every two weeks for the Student Leader Collective. Journal every day. Undertake one TBA writing project.


Overview: Have a consistent source of energy. Feel strong. Be happy and healthy. Eliminate the need for naps. Find an individual fitness activity I enjoy. Prove to myself that I can overcome my mind begging me to stop. Prevent scurvy, diabetes, etc.

Tangibles: Develop a regular, 8-hour-per-night sleep schedule. Eat a fruit or vegetable at every meal. Explore new fitness activities (yoga, spinning, etc). Learn basic gym things. Compete in a squash tournament. Run a 5K race. Run a 10K race.


Overview: Discover and explore new passions. Become an expert in a new field. Develop new skill sets. Pursue topics I’m interested in. Learn, learn, learn.

Tangibles: Create and follow a self-learning plan re: marketing and communications. Attend an Art of Hosting training session. Employ graphic facilitation at an event. Design and develop a website from scratch. Prepare a poster series using the Adobe suite. Become attached-at-the-hip with my camera. Complete my #52in52.


Overview: Get involved outside of campus. Meet people who care about the same things I do. Develop new skills, and improve old ones. Help an organization grow and improve.

Tangibles: Become a Shinerama Campaign Advisor. Participate in one-time volunteer opportunities. Find an organization to invest myself in- and then invest myself.


Objective: Share my ideas with others. Be able to say “I did that.” Overcome the fear of being criticized. Feel a sense of pride. Help restore Punditry to its former glory. Continue growing SL Collective. Develop a platform for sharing ideas between East Coast student leaders. Bring the More Love Letters philosophy to Halifax. Explore mental health in post-secondary education.

Tangibles: Become a pundit; recruit other pundits; live-tweet all debates; ensure full (and equal) coverage of all candidates and issues. Invite one new #SLchat participant every week; blog twice per month; share and comment on content produced by others. Recruit a core team to hash out idea; create a website and social media presence; develop a marketing/outreach plan; recruit a contributor from each East Coast university. Recruit a team to help; fulfill four different missions. Research what different universities offer for support/info; research what outside organizations are contributing; identify gaps and inconsistencies; prepare report.


Objective: Spend in-person time with friends. Schedule Skype dates. Be vulnerable. Be in places to build new relationships. Don’t be a hermit.

Tangibles: Spend quality, in-person time with a friend at least biweekly. Send one handwritten note every week. Travel to visit friends afar. Interact positively online. Meet one Twitter friend in person.

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Nicole Crozier

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