CACUSS presentation: Social media for student engagement

My second presentation at #CACUSS21 was all about using social media for student engagement. This was a multi-institution presentation, as I partnered with Elizabeth DiEmanuele from McMaster (@MacSSC) and Joanne Cerdan from Humber Lakeshore (@HumberLakeFYE) to share our social media stories. The presentation covered the social media strategy for each of our accounts, a few tips and tools that we rely on, and then we each shared some of our favourite campaigns. You can find the presentation slides below!

We also actively used Instagram throughout this presentation to engage our audience. You can check out our Instagram account at @InstaAtCACUSS2021 to find our engagement efforts, highlights showcasing additional campaigns, a Linktree full of resources, a following list full of other student life accounts, and more.

Featured image by Kate Torline on Unsplash

Nicole Crozier

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