My digital storytelling journey

I fell in love with the internet a long time ago. As a young, unconfident introvert, it was a great way for me to share thoughts and engage in conversations while being a safe distance away from judgement. As an orientation professional, it was a great way to connect with incoming students. As a writer, it was a great way to feel like my writing had some sort of purpose.

While I am by no means any sort of technical expert and don’t know how to make a video to save my life (I’ve always hired people for that!), I have engaged in a wide variety of digital storytelling initiatives over the past 10 years. Follow my journey via the timeline below!

The timeline is embedded below, but it works (and looks) best if you view it separately on its own page. It was created using Timeline JS.

Featured image by Daniel Gonzalez on Unsplash

Nicole Crozier

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