March(ing on)

March was a month that had a lot going on. I headed to Montreal for 5 days for the ACPA conference. I interviewed dozens of students for what seemed like dozens of different positions. I headed to Boston for 5 days for the World Figure Skating Championships.

March was also a month that had a lot not going on. I didn’t write. I didn’t run. I don’t know the last time I actually cooked a meal. I’ve forgotten how to volunteer. And books have become relatively foreign. Basically, what are goals?

I used to think these monthly updates were ways to check in on my goals and get myself back on track. But lately, I’m feeling more like they are simply ways to remind myself that I am failing at what I set out to do. I NEED, most desperately, to find a way to get my shit together. And to stop being lazy.

But while I’m trying to figure that out, let’s focus on the important things that happened in the last month- I went to the ACPA conference!!!

Attending the ACPA conference felt like a dream two years in the making.  I had the chance to meet a ton of  people that I’ve been interacting with for the past two years, but have never met face-to-face (so… a lot of #RyersonSA folk). I sat in on presentations from people I’ve been following on Twitter for a long time- Josie Ahlquist, Paul Gordon Brown, Ed Cabellon. I heard more about projects I’ve only seen online- the #RoadtoRyerson social media campaign, digital identity education at Rutgers, the BSUlife communication platform. I had the opportunity to learn about social media and communication and assessment and career success and more.  And I had the opportunity to watch the PechaKucha talks live, when I’ve only ever been able to watch them though Youtube in the past. Every time I turned around, it was as though something else that I had been waiting for for so long was happening. Dream. Come. True.

And so, while March was a month in which I failed to meet most of my goals, attending the ACPA conference hit on so many things I’ve wanted (even unknowingly) for so long that the month falls strongly in the WIN category.

Happiness is more than just goals, guys.

Featured image by Sergio Martínez on Unsplash

Nicole Crozier

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