Stop Telling Me I’ll Fail

I discovered an unwritten rule this month: if you’re writing a post about goal setting in February, somewhere in the post, you must mention that most people have failed at their New Year’s Resolutions by now.

I’ve also developed my own unwritten rule this month: every time I find an article assuming that I’ve failed, or will fail, I stop reading and close it.

Seriously. Can we stop telling people they’re going to fail, and get some encouragement over here?

Where does shoving failure in someone’s face get us? Nowhere. It doesn’t inspire confidence, it doesn’t inspire a “don’t give up” attitude, it just doesn’t inspire.

I’m not saying that failure doesn’t happen. For me, February was a stark reminder of how easily goals and plans and intentions can fall off the rails. I haven’t been to the gym in weeks. My writing habit is most definitely not a habit. And I don’t feel as though I’ve made progress on much else either. I let work take over my life, both timewise and brain space-wise, as we implemented our Queen’s Cares Reading Week program.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve given up. And that doesn’t mean I’ve failed.

Because I haven’t. March is a new month. March is going to be a better month. And it’s not because of any of those negative Nancy articles. It’s because I know what I want, and I believe in myself.

I hope you do too.

Featured image by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Nicole Crozier

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