I’m Out of (Self) Control

If I ever had any self-control (and I like to think I did), I lost it last fall. I’ve never been one to hand in assignments late, but for the entire month of November, I don’t think I submitted anything on time. I barely read a novel. I did dishes only when I ran out of absolutely everything. And I binge watched Netflix almost every night.

I did manage to make a new friend last fall. He is what I like to call ‘annoyingly perfect’. He’s never late, he always does his dishes right away, he finishes assignments and projects ahead of time, and he actually goes to the gym. Basically, he is a master of self-control. And therefore, the complete opposite of me.

My disastrous fall, combined with meeting my annoyingly perfect friend, made the change I needed in my life pretty obvious. When thinking about a #oneword, I knew I wanted it to revolve around the idea of self-control, because, well, I need a lot more of it. But ‘self-control’ is not exactly an inspiring word, and not something that I really wanted to wake up every morning and think about. So I kept thinking.

Purpose. Commit. Choose. Focus. Those were all words that I considered. Then I landed on intention, and I knew I had a winner.


This year, I want to live with intention. I want to be sure there is a reason behind what I am doing. I want to live a life with a plan. When I go to the gym, I want to have a goal workout for the day. When I sit down at my computer to write, I want to know what I’d like to achieve with that writing session. When I sit down to watch Netflix, I want it to be because I’ve chosen to relax, and not because I’m procrastinating. The list could go on.

I have goals I want to achieve in my life, and I think the only way to get there is with a little self-control. I need to be sure my actions have a purpose, and the decisions that I make are intentional.

And so intention it is.

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Nicole Crozier

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