Resetting Push

Part 1: Resetting Push.

January has just ended, and I already need to hit the reset button. This month, I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of terrible habits. Instead of making progress on goals and ideas, I feel like I’ve stagnated, or even regressed.

My largest problem is energy. My exercise, eating, and sleep habits are all terrible, and it’s like an infinite loop that I can’t seem to escape from. The amount of cookies I eat well outnumbers fruits and vegetables, and 3-4 hour naps have become a normal thing. Exercise is an oft thought of idea, but the naps typically take precedence. They sometimes replace supper as well. I had chocolate cake for supper last week. Twice. And that kind of meal certainly doesn’t give me the energy to go after my goals.

So, I’m hitting the reset button. No more free passes. No more “I’ll do it later.” Starting now, it’s back to Push.

Part 2: What I’m Pushing Towards

I’m a goal-setter, and a goal-setting advocate, but I’ve been struggling these past few weeks trying to figure out what my goals are for the year. Quite frankly, there are too many things I want to delve into to be able to properly set SMART goals. There are too many things I want to learn, to do, to be. Too many things I know I need to be learning, doing, being.

And so. Instead of writing a list of goals this year, I’m writing a list of wants. We’ll see where it takes me!

I want…

  • To write. For my blog, for other blogs, for myself, and for outside the blogosphere.
  • To begin to take care of myself. By changing exercise habits, sleep habits, and learning to cook.
  • To start and finish projects. I have ideas. I just need to execute them.
  • To learn everything I can. About social media, communications, and marketing. About graphic design, photography, and web design/development. About project management, facilitation, and student development. Through reading, conversation, conferences, and workshops.
  • To volunteer and give back to my community. By getting involved in causes I care about- cancer, cystic fibrosis, mental health. By contributing in ongoing roles, and through one-time opportunities.
  • To build relationships. By spending time with old friends, by making new friends, and by trying new things.

Let’s go.

Nicole Crozier

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