365 Days of Action: My #OneWord365

In Project 2014, I told you that I was jumping aboard the #oneword365 train, and choosing just one word to sum up how I want to live and what I want to focus on, every day, all year long.

There are a lot of words in this world, and settling on just one was HARD. I knew the general theme I wanted for 2014, but choosing one word to represent that was more than just a tad tricky, and involved a lot of changing my mind.

At first, I decided to choose Risk as my one word. I want to start taking action on projects despite the risks involved- failure, criticism, etc. Ultimately, though, I realized that I give that word way too much power in my life already, as the perceived risk is often greater than any actual risk. Instead of deciding to do things despite the risk, I should really be re-evaluating my perception of risk altogether. So I decided that Risk was probably not a good choice.

I also considered choosing the word Vulnerable to represent 2014. I share very little of my life with others, and I want to be more open this year, letting other people in on my goals, my actions, and my ideas. That scares me, because that also opens me up to criticism and judgement. In the end though, choosing Vulnerable as my one word didn’t seem quite right.

The last strong contender was the word Do, but I quickly decided that Do sounded passive, and I was looking for something more active. So that option didn’t last long.

And so finally, I decided on ACTION.

This year, I’m choosing to put 365 days of action in my path- days of getting things started, days of getting things done. Action encompasses all of the things I’ve mentioned above, and so much more.

  • Risk can be overcome with Action. I have a number of ideas that I’d like see come to fruition, and projects that I’d like to get off the ground. Making these things happen is going to involve facing the fact that they may fail. But chances are they won’t, and even if they do, so what? I need to stop ruminating on the risk, and simply start taking Action.
  • Over the past few months, I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time just sitting around, surfing the internet, reading, not facing the things that I should really be doing. I want this year to be different. I want the day-to-day to be full of small, meaningful actions. When I’m sitting in bed on my computer, I need to be asking myself, “Nicole, what action could you be taking right now” and then actually getting up and doing it. That’s not to say I’m not going to give myself downtime to lounge around, but that needs to start being a conscious decision, and not just as a result of my inability to take action on other things.
  • Action also illustrates the physical part of my lifestyle as I wish it were. I used to, at one point or another, play soccer, volleyball, badminton, field hockey, squash, and tennis, figure skate, and run track and field. Over the past few years, that has all whittled down to simply playing soccer. I want to start finding ways to incorporate Action into my life through being active, whether it’s by going to the gym, running, or finding new sports teams/leagues to play with.

This is going to be the year where I really take charge of my life. Where I stop just thinking, and start actually acting. Where I share my ideas with others and invite them aboard. Where I get out of bed every day and DO something. Where I take opportunities and jump aboard, instead of conjuring up all the reasons why it might not be possible.

My #oneword365 is about more than just starting projects. It’s about making my life full of tangible acts, and full of building blocks to better things.

Here’s to 2014!

Are you participating in #oneword365? What one word do you plan on living by for 2014? What are you planning on putting into Action this year? Share your story in the comments!

Featured image by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Nicole Crozier

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