Learning to Read

I need to learn how to read.

For those who know me, especially those who grew up with me, that’s probably a strange comment. I love reading, and spend most of my spare time doing just that.

But I still think I need to learn to read.

I often don’t read during the school year, or during busier times of my life, and then devour everything in sight for the first few weeks of summer and over Christmas break. I don’t choose to not read simply because I’m busy and don’t have time (although that likely does play a factor) but more so because once I start a book, I can’t put it down. I’ve never been the type of person to read a chapter-a-day, or ration out a book. I’m the type who opens it, and only closes it once it’s done. The type who, as a child, always had a flashlight on hand so I could keep reading after I’d been sent to bed (sorry Mom). So I choose not to read, because I know if I start a book, I’m never going to study for that test (flashback to A Little Princess and my first year calculus exam. Whoops.).

Even when I’m reading non-fiction books that are full of ideas and tips, or are sparking creativity and ideas in me, I still power right through it. It’s incredibly difficult for more to take notes while reading, or to stop and reflect. I’ve had to reread books before because of this- and even the second time through, it’s still been difficult!

Any advice for someone who needs to SLOW DOWN, and learn to really read?

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Nicole Crozier

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