Writing is Hard

One thing I’ve learned very quickly since starting this blog is that writing is hard. It’s really easy to have thoughts and opinions, but really difficult to put those in writing. The minute I start writing things down, I start questioning things. Is this really a sound opinion? Is this going to come across the way I really mean it? Am I saying everything I should be to explain myself?

I find writing difficult in general. I’m a perfectionist, so I’m very picky about what I’m writing. Journalism 1000 was one of the most difficult classes I’ve every taken, simply because I had to continually struggle with my inability to “just write.” Adding in writing about opinions has made it at least twice as hard. Good thing we didn’t have a opinion journalism section.

This blog is clearly suffering from my lack of an ability to complete blog posts. I’ve begun questioning whether it’s worth it to spend as much time as it’s going to take. That has lead to further questions about the kind of posts I’m attempting to write, and whether or not that should really be my focus.

I’m not saying I’m giving up. I probably wouldn’t write a post if I were, I would just stop. But I am accepting that writing is not going to be a regular ritual, and is probably not going to happen as I normally envisioned.

Something is better than nothing, though, eh?

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Nicole Crozier

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